ArdCoin (ARDX)
2 min readMay 4, 2021

We are pleased to announce that ArdCoin has commenced its presence on the three of the most renowned international cryptocurrency platforms — CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, LiveCoinWatch and Blockfolio. With this news we can proudly reveal that our ArdCoin can now be found and tracked at the world’s most-trusted cryptocurrency data authorities.

For everyone who is engaged in cryptocurrency, CoinMarketCap has remained the go-to platform for cryptocurrency price information. The platform is the industry benchmark and the website that truly updates data in a timely manner. The huge user volume and high popularity make CoinMarketCap a leader in the industry. The website provides provides cryptocurrency market cap rankings, charts, and more. It also tracks capitalization of various cryptocurrencies by listing prices, available supply (amount of coins/tokens that is currently in circulation), trade volume over last 24 hours, or market capitalizations.

LiveCoinWatch is a real-time crypto price tracker and portfolio app with historical value charts for Bitcoin, Etherium and altcoins from top cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform has a lot more information available compared to all other coin tracking websites.

Blockfolio is one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio trackers which is 100% free. More than 5 million users make Blockfolio the most trusted platform for staying connected to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The platform supports for over 8,000 cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets across 300+ exchanges means the latest prices, market data, team updates, and news are always at your fingertips. Blockfolio facilitates the easiest way to discover, track, and manage cryptocurrency investments.

To be listed at these top cryptocurrency platforms makes ArdCoin as one of the high-profile and internationally accepted altcoins to be traded abroad.

ArdCoin (ARDX) — is an innovative blockchain-based loyalty program that has been integrated into a mobile super wallet which is backed by an existing financial infrastructure which includes banking services, insurance provider, stock brokerage, investment banking and a pension fund. Ard App offers e-commerce on top of financial services and is supported by a nationwide network of postal branches.

ArdCoin will serve as a blockchain-based loyalty program for all existing and future services and products of Ard Financial Group (Ard Holdings), its subsidiaries and ArdCoin merchants.

More about Ard Financial Group
Companies in Ard Financial Group’s portfolio that are also listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange:

MSE: AARD (03260) Ard Financial Group
MSE: AIC (05480) Ard Insurance
MSE: ADB (05509) Ard Credit
MSE: MNP (05412) Mongol Post
MSE: XOC (4001) National Privatization Fund
MSE: BUN (03089) Bulgan Undarga

For further information please contact us:

Headquarters: 2nd floor of Ard Holdings Building, Prime Minister Amar’s Str., Suhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. w3w: powerful.gains.animates
Central Tower branch: Suhbaatar square-2, Suhbaatar district, 8th horoo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. w3w: animate.softest.screeches
Tel: 7707 8080, 7707 8181, 7707 8282



ArdCoin (ARDX)

An innovative blockchain-based loyalty program that has been integrated into a mobile super wallet which is backed by an existing financial infrastructure